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              Welcome to Energy Gems, the home of the  finest quality Crystals and Minerals.
 We source our products from around the world and directly from the producing mines whenever possible.
                                         We carry in stock over 200 different Crystal varieties!



                                OUR PRIVATE SHOWROOM IN AGOURA HILLS IS NOW OPEN!!
Our hours are usually by appointment only, unless we are having an open house, so please call or email to set up an appointment to come and visit.
Main:  (818) 483 6312  Cell: (818) 857 2683

Agoura Oaks Business Center
29397 AGOURA RD, UNIT  101
CA 91301


                                        WE ARE OPEN AGAIN FROM FRIDAY MAY 2nd.


Just came back from a major buying trip and have some amazing new Crystals in stock!! They include:
Chrome Tourmaline, Green Diopside specimens, Chrome Diopside, Yellow Tourmaline, Nirvana Quartz, Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite) in Quartz, Alexandrite, Scapolite, Shungite, Chalcedony Clusters!, Diaspore, Pink Sapphire, Ruby in Zoisite crystals, Tanzanite rough, Dioptase, Kyanite Blades - Gemmy, Green Kyanite, Orange Kyanite, Moldavite - Museum Grade, Heulandite, Burma Jade, Tiffany stone, Seraphinite, Charoite, Tsavorite, Labradorite, Rose Quartz, Golden Labradorite, Aquamarine/Pink Tourmaline specimens, Imperial Topaz, Green Tourmaline, Heliodor, Strawberry Lemurians, Cavansite, Nuummite, Orange Calcite, Septarians, Dumortierite, Kambaba Stone..and more!

We do not sell our crystals through this site or by mail order so we do hope to see you at our showroom or at one of the many shows we exhibit at.

Please click on the upcoming shows page above to see where we will be selling our crystals at next. 
We can send you FREE passes to the shows whenever possible, just email us with your request.

Frequently people who purchase our Crystals comment on how "clean" they feel and that they have a powerful amount of energy in them, and unlike any others they have felt or seen. There are reasons for this. Firstly we collect only the finest and best quality material available to us. Then we physically clean and energetically clear the energy from all of our Crystals after we purchase them and prior to making them available for sale to you. We also continue to energetically cleanse them after every show we do to release any negative energies or attachments that may be lodged in them. After we do this, the Crystals become incredibly empowered and this is the energy you can feel when you hold them. 

On this site you will also find some information about the powerful and unique
Crystals of Light tm healing system created specially for healers by Jeremy Kennedy.
For further information about our products or to sign up for our mailing list, please send an email to:       


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